First Impressions Count

August 8, 2016

Journal No.2 checking in.

On my first two days in New York, I realised that everything is the complete opposite of Brisbane. The time zone (I was jet lagged on the first day), the driving directions (which is really weird) and even the turning of the water tap just to name a few. I wonder if it was all planned…

Anyways, on the serious note. When I arrived at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU), on Saturday for the registration, I was astonished to see the amazing youth leaders and young professionals. On the welcoming remarks and introduction by University Vice Provost, Lead Faculty, and Youth Assembly Staff, we were informed that over 200 university students from over 104 countries are in attendance.  It’s like a pool of multiculturalism if you ask me. I found out that I was the only Queenslander and currently the only Australian. However, two delegates from New South Wales are being expected. But you know well, State of Origin.

Anyways, on the introduction remarks, it was just amazing hearing about the other young leaders and professionals’ backgrounds, passions and future visions for our world.

Today (Sunday), which is yesterday in Australia, we had a Social Ventures for Social Development workshop where we analysed and reverse engineered a pre-existing social venture to critique their corporate and social responsibility and social entrepreneurship structure. Following lunch, we were divided in to teams and were asked to develop a new social venture which is both socially beneficial and profitable. Taking the information, we gathered earlier into consideration, my team used the rest of the day to brainstorm some very though out issues and solutions to address those issues in a socially responsible and profitable way. I will not spoil what they are.

We are giving the whole of Monday to develop our social venture and present it on the first half of Tuesday. Winners will be rewarded monetary prices. Fingers crossed.

After the competition we will be transferred to the inner city of New York at Pace University where we will be accommodated for the duration of the Assembly at the UN Headquarters and afterwards, transferred to Washington, DC and the World Bank.

As you have seen above #QUTforlyfe I will be snapchatting most of the experiences to give you access to visual contents. To gain access add snapchat: dukuinspires or click here



Fred Duku Silver